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EDSE-certified Sex Educator • Brand Ambassador for Hire • Sexpert w/ 14 years of industry experience • Adult Toy Enthusiast • Video Content Creator + Copywriter • ADHD Advocate for Sex-Positive Mental Health. • Plus-size Model / MUA

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Enter the Interview

I remember the first time I set foot in an adult toy store.

I was a young college student.

My friend and I were en route to a pet store after class, with every intention of petting (actual) pussycats to decompress.

Suddenly, out of the corner of her eye, my friend caught sight of an unfamiliar adult store, and pulled a U-turn.

"Has that always been here?" she murmured.

Her eyes lit up as she flashed me a grin and squealed, "Let's go on an adventure!"

As she parked her car in front of the boutique, I protested loudly--

the thought of entering this unknown territory made me anxious and strangely... instinctively... guilty?

A sheltered suburbanite at the time,
I pictured a dingy truck-stop-porn-shop
and begged her not to make me come with.

She could do whatever she wanted, I assured her, no judgment, I would just chill in the car and wait.

It took some major cajoling, even physically TUGGING on my sleeve for her to lead me into the store that would ultimately change the course of my adult life.

Once inside, I squinted as my eyes began to adjust.

It was shockingly well-lit, and well-kept.
There was cute blue carpeting, and clean white walls lined floor to ceiling with every toy imaginable--
and some I never would have conceived in my limited experience.

Vibrators and manual massagers of the external and internal varieties,

front door and back door stimulators, in every shape, color, size, and affordable and premium materials;
sexual support furniture; sex dolls; dance poles; books; DVDs.

There were also cute glass product cubes with bath and body knick-knacks, as well as lubricants of every kind.

"Wow," I exclaimed.

Suddenly, I had this sense we were two college kids in a proverbial candy store.

My prior apprehension quickly subsided, and a healthy curiosity perked up in its place.

In my dream-like state, a friendly shop associate appeared-- she called herself a SESA, or Sex Educator, Sales Associate.

In addition to the impressive variety of our surroundings, she offered a breadth and depth of knowledge that far exceeded my expectations.

But then again, everything about this place overturned my expectations.

In magical turn of events (and emotions)-- this store, which had initially encompassed so many misgivings for me-- elevated in my mind's eye to one of my all-time favorite destination--on par with Disney Land or Disney World.

It felt positively spell-binding.

The store quickly became my habit.

I began driving there by myself almost every week, plucking and handling each object in hand; asking copious questions in an attempt to absorb everything each SESA explained to me.

It got to the point where, upon graduating with a Hotel Restaurant management degree and striking out at several hotel interviews, my friend suggested applying to this adult boutique.

The same girl who greeted us the first time took my adult store application and put a good word in.

That job interview was BY FAR the most personal
and interesting I've ever had (and the longest, about 2 hours), but I was hired on the spot.

I remember celebrating with a giant milkshake on the way home. I burst through the front door to inform my parents loudly that I had been hired by a local video store.

My mom’s smile was very cautious, “A video store?”

Of course, there were no Blockbusters anymore.
Her smile faded as she thought her daughter had been hired at a ‘dirty’ video store, and she fell into a protective motherly tirade.

If ONLY she had walked in.

If ONLY had only opened the door to this store and saw what I saw.

It was SO much more than an adult movie store.

To me, it was a window to wonderland.

A gateway to wellness.

A portal to pleasure.

THAT was a feeling I carried in my chest every time I walked in there.

I chose my path.

I started working at the community sin store, adjacent to a neighborhood drycleaners:

A ‘dirty’ store, next to a ‘clean’ store, people would joke.

Only there was nothing ‘dirty’ or ‘shameful’ about it.

My original goal was to work there for 6 months, gaining just enough cash handling experience to move on and work as a hotel concierge.

But nothing in life goes as planned, for worse-- or in this case, for better.

I took root in that little store
and grew with them for 8 years.

I evolved from a bright-eyed busy tailed newbie sales associate to a neighborhood sex educator, occasional event coordinator, content creator, and a greater Philadelphia Vanna White of Vibrators (writing and performing several late-night tv infomercials for intimate products).

A few short months before COVID took hold of the US, that boutique and I parted ways.

But I became more determined than ever to find a way to work in the sexual wellness industry full-time-- as a voice for creative connection and intimate innovation.

Today, I take with me over 14 years of experience and passion for the adult industry and sexual wellness space.

I offer toy consults on zoom to the everyday consumer who is curious about what toy will best suit their needs, but who feels defeated by ‘option overwhelm’.

I create content for small businesses as well as big businesses in the adult space.

And I am proud to invest in my future through certification programs so that I can offer a level of knowledge and expertise that will finally rival my years of experience and passion for the products.

Is any of this something that interests you? Excites you? Something you’ve been curious about but have never felt comfortable asking?

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And we'll turn each unfounded reservation

on the trail of sexual liberation into a resounding "yes… Yes…. YES" ;-)

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that we have no idea where to begin.

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for beginners and veterans, for all kinds of humans

(because every body is worthy and deserving of pleasure, love, and self-love).

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I'm a longtime influencer (since 2011); and have helped businesses generate engaging content, written pleasure product ad copy, performed for numerous years as a body positive model and brand ambassador, and helped lead/ facilitate workshops that open doors for you-- and your staff-- to engage with customers more empathically, knowledgeably, and effectively.

Most recently, I worked as a Marketing- Brand Ambassador with SYSTEM JO from Spring 2021- 2022, and as of May 2022 have earned my EDSE sex educator certification.

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